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Bespoke Furniture Co. offers a full range of unique and tailored interior services. From luxury developments, boutique hotels, restaurants, and high end residences, Bespoke delivers interiors to the clients specification worldwide. From unique custom handcrafted furniture to fully integrated architectural millwork, and custom lighting, Bespoke offers a wide range of options to bring your design into reality. 


A leader in the global hospitality sector, we focus on bespoke design and are committed to manufacturing and delivering high quality, durable products. We manufacture primarily in Italy, Turkey, Spain, Central Java, Bali, Thailand, South America, and the United States depending on the specific design, item, quantity, budget, and lead time. 


We understand our clients’ requirements and demands for efficiency, quality, durability, and attention to detail. We are a global company with quality and service at the forefront of our beliefs parallel to the necessities of craftsmanship and value. We want each client to have a remarkable experience through quality service, knowledge and expertise, with end products that exceed expectations 

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